Magiel’s shows are not the ‘typical’ fashion shows with models merely walking the catwalk. On the contrary! This is entertainment!
Models changing clothes on stage, dancing with tailor’s dummies/mannequins. Wizards waking lifeless models, rival gangs fighting on stage, or a beautiful wedding taking place. These are just a few examples of Magiel’s ‘show’.

Selected shows from 1992-2005

Annual show in May in De Doelen, Rotterdam.
Annual show at artists’ symposium, Utrecht.
Various fashion contests.
Various shows in discotheques in Rotterdam, like De Danssalon, D’Groove, Gay Palace.
Dancing marathon, Rotterdam.
Annual show at artists’ symposium, Utrecht.
Big fashion during R2001 – The European Capital of Culture, Rotterdam.
Show in Holland Casino, Rotterdam.
Annual show at artists’ symposium, Utrecht.
Exposition Schielandhuis РMagiel La Rivi̬re, portrait of uncrowned fashion king, Rotterdam.

For Magiel, it was a conscious decision not to work with professional models but with people from the street. Why? Because that’s where Magiel sees himself, from the street. His aspiration has always been to bring together different cultures, partly because almost everywhere in this world you find racism, oppression and division. Suddenly, people who might normally find it difficult to live side by side in daily life, walk side by side on the catwalk, shining in beautiful new clothes to the rhythm of music. Both from the perspective of the audience and the models, there is a sense of unity in these situations.